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Are phone battery capacities real?

par Williamhawk le Mer 6 Déc 2017 14:28

Hi there,

THL released new phone THL5000, which has a big advantage in battery, the capacity of it is 5000. What a crazy specification, it’s said that the standby time is 1000 hours, if you keen on listening to music, it can last for 125 hours, I think your ear will be explode. Under this capacity, the phone is still only 8.9mm thick. I am so doubt about the real capacity of the phone. It is really 5000mAh, maybe only 4000 or less. There are so many fake batteries on the market now. Have you bought some fake battery before, and what’s your comment on the new battery technology of this THL5000?


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References : ... real.1826/

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