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How do I report an app to be taken down?

par Williamhawk le Lun 13 Nov 2017 08:58

Hello there,

I never did this before but yesterday I was looking for a new wallpaper app. I downloaded "Top Chart of Wallpapers & Themes," by Victor Ershov. The app immediately asked me for a bunch of permissions which I of course denied and it's not a problem, a lot of apps do that. But what bothers me is that soon after I had a bunch of ads covering the entire screen without option to close them. I pressed home button and to my surprised, Touch ID purchased $9.99. I believe this kind of trickery and deceit to be unethical. I need to get a refund from apple and I would like this app to be taken down. How do I go about this? And I am kind of disappointed from apple that this kind of behavior is not moderated.


I did not find the right solution from the internet
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