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iPhoto Journals - Alternative Apps?

par Williamhawk le Lun 4 Déc 2017 12:42

hello all,

I was all set with creating iPhoto Journals from my iPhone while on vacation. I had created quite a few and am seriously disappointed that I can't rely on that service any longer.

So I'm hoping someone here can recommend an alternative to easily create web sites on the go that have both photo's and text. I don't use Facebook or anything like that - I want individual sites devoted to my trip reports that I can refer to later when I'm slaving away at work.

The only thing that looks remotely promising so far is Evernote since I can share a link to the individual note (I email those family members I want to see the web page). But I can't seem to organize the page the same way I could with iPhoto (maybe it's possible?).

Anyway, I'm hoping the collective brain trust of Mac Rumors can suggest something else.


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